Mission Statement: Sydney Motorsport encourages the collaboration between students from various backgrounds, working together to create and innovate an FSAE motorsport vehicle, not least while nurturing an environment that drives the boundaries of individuals.

Sydney Motorsport is the University of Sydney's F-SAE Team, which is made up of over 30 students from a variety of faculties, ranging from Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering to Commerce, Science, Arts and Law. The diversity within our team allows us to gain a competitive advantage of having a disparate source of knowledge and feedback; allowing us to broaden our horizons, continually improve, develop and innovate.

Our team values focus on equality, encouraging participation and contribution, in order to allow our members to have continued growth for their future professional development.

Each year, FSAE students design, manufacture and test the team's small open-wheeled race car, which is to be conducted and completed within a twelve month period. Upon completion of the project, the team competes in a three-day event, which includes teams from Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, Europe and the USA. At this event, teams are given scores based on design, financial and marketing skills as well as dynamic events which include acceleration, autocross, skid pad and endurance. 

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