Formula Society of Automotive Engineers Australia (FSAE-A) is the world's oldest automotive society and was founded in Melbourne, 1927. Formula SAE is an internationally recognised student based project that encompasses skills such design, manufacturing, construction and management in order for teams to build and compete with a small open wheeled race car; intended for use in a weekend autocross competition.

The annual competition, is designed to allow Formula SAEA members to gain exposure and invaluable experience in participating in the creation of a hypothetical company, which has been commissioned to design a marketable and profitable formula style car.

This project is carried out over a twelve month period, with an emphasis on team work. The project concludes with a three-day assessment and competitive event for the Australasian region with up to thirty teams taking part; attracting competitors from around the world. This event examines the team's business plan, presentation skills, management, engineering design and manufacturing skills through both static and dynamic events.


FSAE serves as a platform for university students to broaden not only their technical knowledge and skills but to develop research, managerial, and interpersonal skills.