Tech Specs

There have been several refinements made to the SM13, with the focuses on robust performance, and improved ergonomics. The technical specifications listed below provide a brief snapshot of the cars' key figures and components.

Vehicle: SM15

Power: 67 bhp

Top Speed: 120 km/h

0 – 100km/h: 3.5 seconds

Weight: 180kg

Engine: Aprilia RVX 550cc

Gearbox: Aprilia Sequential 6-speed

Ignition: Digital Fuel Injection

Suspension: OHLINS

Drivetrain: Drexler 

Data Logging: Motec

Chassis: Cro-Mo Steel Spaceframe

Wheelbase/Front Track/Rear Track (mm): 1567/1263/1235

Bore/Stroke/Cylinders/Displacement (mm): 80/55/2/500cc

Tyre: 13" Hoosier 

Compression Ratio: 2:1

Max Power Design: 40kW @ 10,500 rpm

Max Torque Design: 55 Nm @ 9,000 rpm

Overall L/ W/ H (mm): 2667/ 1418/ 1076