Our 2014 build of the SM14 is well underway. For the latest updates, check this page and Facebook

Day 1: New uprights are coming together nicely

Day 2: Chassis tabs are underway

Day 3: Bulkhead all jigged up for machining

Day 4: The team's hard at work putting it all together soon

Day 5: The team ends a solid day in the workshop with a few spins of the Picton Karting Track

Day 6: Bulkhead machining complete,. installed and ready to race


Day 7: We say goodbye to our previous electrical loom as we make way for a new one with lots more potential!

Day 8: Brackets are taking shape while we celebrate a birthday in the workshop

Day 9:   With the hard work of our composites team, our firewall mold is taking shape!

Day 10: The team's looking pretty exhausted after 2 solid weeks

Day 11: More components fresh off the CNC machine!